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About System Cost Data

I compile labor costs from a variety of sources including what I pay in my rehab projects, conversations with my contractors, national renovation cost guides and internet searches.  Materials costs used are for the most part current Home Depot costs.  The regional cost adjustments are based on how costs in the area compare to Cleveland, Ohio (where I live).  You can change any Labor or Material cost, either at the system level (so it affects every instance of that repair) or at the repair line item level (so it affects just that repair in that room).

DON'T Keep Your Thoughts to Yourself

If you've got thoughts about the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator, good or bad shoot me an email or give me a call!  I built this tool not only around what I needed as a rehabber but also based on 5+ years of working with Customers who purchased my house flip spreadsheet - the Rehab Offer Calculator.  And I'm not stopping here - if you think its missing something let me know!