Now You Can Estimate Home Remodeling Costs Like a Contractor - Using Your IPad, Android Tablet or Even Your Smart Phone!

Don't guess at repair costs and then worry that you're overpaying for a fixer upper house....quickly put together a whole house cost estimate right from your mobile device!


Join over 3,240 real estate investors who have used my home remodeling cost calculator products.


Works on desktop, tablets or phones.  Totally PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone and Android compatible.  All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

It's Like Always Having a Contractor with You

Drop down selections (optimized for use on any mobile device) make it simple to calculate and add up repair line items as you walk thru a property.

  • No construction knowledge or experience required
  • Almost no measuring - most repair costs calculated based on room sizes
  • DIY feature allows you to instantly remove labor for repairs you expect to complete yourself

Turns You Into a Home Remodeling Cost Expert - Even if You Have No Construction Experience at All

The Home Remodeling Cost Calculator comes preloaded with over 400 of the most common home renovation costs.

  • Instantly change any repair line item cost
  • Add your own materials
  • All costs adjusted for the area of the United States you're working in

Track and Manage Your Home Remodeling Project Like a Pro

Room by room and contractor break out reporting included.  Option to include or hide costs.

  • CSV output. compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers & many other programs
  • Easily compare contractor bids to estimates and know whether you're getting a fair price or not
  • Track and manage repairs room by room

Built and Maintained by an Active Real Estate Investor with over 20 years experience.

"In order to succeed in today's competitive real estate market, you have to make decisions quickly or you'll lose out on the best opportunities.  I built the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator to use in my real estate business and designed it so that it can be used on any device - tablet, PC, Mac, or even a smartphone.  Use it on your tablet or smartphone to create a whole house repair estimate while you're still at the property - and write an instant offer to purchase confidently.  Then access the room by room and contractor reports later from your PC or Mac when you launch your renovation project."

Don Petrasek, Cleveland Ohio Real Estate Investor, founder of InvestWell and Creator of the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator, Rehab Offer Calculator and After Repaired Value Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Do the Repair Costs Come From?

    The repair costs that are preloaded into the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator are a combination of actual costs that I’ve paid and data from a number of national repair cost databases that I monitor.  Costs are updated every 3-6 months.  I also add new repair items occasionally as my users request them.

  • I Want to Use This on a Mac, Will It Work?

    Yes!  All you need to run the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator is a browser and an internet connection.  Its been tested on a Mac, PC, IPad, Android tablet and even on an IPhone using Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.  Sign up for the Free Trial by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page to try it out on all the devices you own.

  • I Have a List of Materials I Normally Use, Can I Add Those?

    You can add as many materials as you like.  Once you do, they will immediately appear as drop down selections for every repair line item that they apply to.  You can also change any of the included labor or materials costs both at the system level (so the change applies universally) or at the line item level (so the change only applies to a single line item in a specific house).

  • How Much Does This Cost?

    Get full unlimited access to the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator that never expires for less than you spent during your last night out or family excursion to the baseball stadium.  No recurring fees or other charges.  You get all upgrades for free.

  • Do I Have to Download Software to Use the Home Remodeling Calculator?

    No, the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator is completely web based so you don’t have to download any software or worry about software working on your tablet, computer or smart phone.  An internet connection is necessary.

  • I Have 3 Tablets that My Team Uses. Can I Use the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator on All Three or Only 1?

    You can access the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator on as many devices as you want with just your user ID and password.  There is no device restriction.

  • Once I Select All Repair Costs for a House, Can I Save Them and Access Them Later?

    Yes.  An unlimited number of properties can be saved and accessed any time.  And if your subscription access expires and you decide later to renew it – your saved properties will still be there!

  • Does the Home Remodeling Cost Calculator Work for Multi-Family Properties?

    Yes!  You can create and name an unlimited number of rooms for any property so you could even use it for an apartment building.

Totally Free Trial - All Features Enabled, Everything Works.

No credit card required and no sneaky automatic charges if you forget to cancel after the trial ends.  Immediate access, use it to put a complete repair cost estimate together for a house today.